This week I spoke to a classroom full of Christian educators about prayer.   This, in itself, is funny.  It is funny because I, in no way, have ever thought I would speak in public.   I am the person who, if ever I talked in class, burned bright red and developed that weird wobbly... Continue Reading →

The Wounded Healer

This was meaningful to me this week.  I had coffee with a new friend while our kids flipped themselves out of the hammock in the backyard. We started talking about church and faith and like most people, I think, I have a few wounds.  Or if not open wounds, then pretty obvious scars.   When... Continue Reading →

For The Love……

Friends, this is both hard and easy to write. I have been heartbroken over the state of this election. Just sick. With how angry people are. With how uninformed people’s gut reactions are. With how we are not setting the agenda with our own questions or looking beyond ourselves for a common good but just... Continue Reading →

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