In a nutshell:

I have a lot of questions. Always have. But most recently I’ve been thinking a lot about our bodies and what kind of role they play in our understanding of the world and God and eachother. I think about Jesus and what it meant for him to have a body. I think about how we communicate and relate to each other in our bodies and what it means that we are limited in them. Community, Jesus, us, the world–that’s what I think about. That’s not too broad, hey?

I think about our bodies in relation to our stories, and our stories in relation to The Story.  All that we have experienced will shape how we come to know God and also how God is then embodied in the world.  The stories we all have about how this, this God With Us, and how this will lead to questions of justice, beauty, spirit and community is what is capturing me right now.


I wrestle with what it means to live alive and present to this moment – 2 gorgeous, loud kids, a gorgeous, loud marriage, a house that is never tidy, not enough money but too much stuff,  traffic on the way to school every day….while working out our faith, my faith, with all the appropriate fear and trembling required.

I’ve been shaped profoundly for good and for ill by the people who preach.   But at this time my family and I have found ourselves in and amongst some great and strange Christians so we are thankful for that.  I am continually learning and unlearning and relearning what it means to walk that “long road together” – and the deep beauty of that choice.  I do find that God continually leads us to questions and when we keep trying to find Him, we find he has already found us and we are mostly met with a profound sense of remembering who we really are.

I have my Master’s in Theology from Regent College in Vancouver, BC  (as well as a Bachelor of Music in classical flute playing….seriously….but we don’t bring that up all that often….)  I am an always beginner pastor-theologian and chaplain as well as a Certified Spiritual Director which has opened up doors to peoples hearts and souls and journeys and I am beyond grateful and privileged to walk alongside others as they listen for God again and again, always mysteriously anew.

I don’t always understand my faith.   But I cannot leave it and, for the love of God, I think that has something to do with Jesus.   Something draws me to His stories over and over.  Something in the sunset in the prairies makes me think of Him.  Something in the way my family keeps staying together makes me look for Him.  So here I will write about His stories and some of the stories I have come across in my life and reading that help me to move through this faith.  This flesh and blood faith.



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