Welcome!  My name is Jacqui Mignault and I am a pastor and spiritual director working at The Road Church and Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB.  This blog started as a way to work out to pay attention to the thoughts and questions about this faith that being alive and human will make you ask these days!


I am continually learning and unlearning and relearning what it means to walk that “long road together” – and the deep beauty of that choosing community.  I do find that God continually leads us to questions and when we keep living out the questions, we are met with a profound sense of remembering who we really are – as individuals and with each  other.

I have my Master’s in Theology from Regent College in Vancouver, BC  (as well as a Bachelor of Music in classical flute playing….seriously….but we don’t bring that up all that often….) and I am ordained as a commissioned pastor in the Christian Reformed Church of North America.   Doing this pastoring/chaplaining work as well as being a Certified Spiritual Director has opened up doors to peoples hearts and souls and journeys.  I feel like I am an always-beginning person of faith and I am beyond grateful and privileged to walk alongside others as they listen for God again and again, always mysteriously anew.  

I don’t always understand my faith.   But I cannot leave it and, for the love of God, I think that has something to do with Jesus.   Something draws me to these stories over and over.  Something in the light on the prairies makes me think of Him.  Something in the way my family keeps growing, and sometimes even transforming, keeps me close.  Something in the way that letting go and trusting has never failed me yet is my hope.

So here I will write about His stories and some of the stories I have come across in my life and reading that help me to move through this faith.  This flesh and blood faith.


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