The Book of Love – Part 3

--I just can't stop thinking of the question, "What story do I live out of?"  In all the areas of my life.  In my exhausted parts, in my broken-hearted parts, in my confused parts, in my angry parts, in my terrified parts.   All those parts are a bit closer to the surface lately than... Continue Reading →


We pray for love.  We pray for joy.  We pray for peace.  We pray for patience. We pray for goodness.  We pray for kindness. We pray for faithfulness. We pray for gentleness. We pray for self-control.   Really?  That's your fruit?  Those things would be the result of people knowing you?  I never would have... Continue Reading →

joy…sounds simple……

This is a prayer for so many communities - my marriage, my family, my church.   Tonight I pray for joy.  Its not going to be carefree.  There will be shadows.  But, in the midst of all the things taking up room, all the fear taking up room, I ask for joy.  Joy to knit... Continue Reading →

On 1 John 4

We get so obsessed with who is right, who is wrong.  We get so obsessed with true prophets and false spirits and we often don't stop to see how that might be us.  Us, not living within your love.  Help us to zoom out and see what you are saying to us, over and over.... Continue Reading →

Far from Sweet and Easy

I've missed a few days of praying.  Well, of writing my prayers out on this blog.  Its been a few days of intense emotions and its been very, very busy.  In this space there have been prayers for church.  A lot of them. Prayers for my daughters.  A lot of them.  Prayers for my mom,... Continue Reading →

On Making It Right

Help us to make amends where they need to be made.  We need help.  Its so hard to say we are sorry.  It is so hard to let go of the outcome of a tense situation.  Its so hard to make it right and trust that the other person will also come around.  Hold us... Continue Reading →

Today’s Reading

-After Psalm 23 (today's reading) and my friend Ann   You are our Shepherd; we don't need anything more than what we have. You make us rest in green pastures and you lead us to refresh ourselves by quiet waters. You restore us, even our souls. You guide us all the way along the right... Continue Reading →

After a long day in heels…..

In the big things, and the small things, show us you are God.  In the big and the small, open our ears to your voice.  It crushes cedars and it whispers all the hope.  In the big and the small of our lives and our lives together, we need you to show us how you... Continue Reading →

For my little family

Be in our eating, our laughing, our cajoling, our pleading. Be in our frustration, our crying, our words, our hard words.  Redeem those that cannot be unsaid. Be in our cleaning, scrubbing, wiping, organizing, tidying.  Be in our walls, our books, our pictures.  Be our meaning, our purpose.  Be the beginning of our day and... Continue Reading →

On John 2

I am so hesitant to pray this, but there is a part of me that needs to pray for our hearts to be made angry with what makes your heart angry.  Are we getting it?  What your heart was all about?  I'm not sure, but when they got it wrong, you lost it.  You lost... Continue Reading →

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