Low and Slow

Have you ever noticed how toddlers, when they are navigating tricky terrain get really low? They bend their knees, get their centre of gravity closer to the ground.   If you have littles in your life, take a look at how they learn to walk on new ground. When our kids were little, they insisted... Continue Reading →

Good Father

-a good dad, ca. 1983 There are so many ways the men in my life embody the fatherhood of God. I have friends who are dads to teenagers and young adults and they are incredible at taking each of their kids seriously, seeing them for them. Not what they should be, could be, but just... Continue Reading →

They Keep Coming

The Mothers by Kathe Kollwitz, 1919   Another shooting.  At this point which one am I even talking about - all of them.    Of people in their places of worship.  They keep coming, these incidents.  And every life taken is an entire world. There was a shooting at a synagogue in California,  and here... Continue Reading →

Jesus of the Descending Theology

Here is my last prayer/poem for the season.  It was a full few days of EASTER RESURRECTION PREACHING and then right off to Toronto for discussions on justice and the church  which were full of lament and honesty and Jesus.  And the exact right thing to be doing in Resurrection Time. Here is my Easter... Continue Reading →

Jesus of the Tables

  Jesus of the tables You threw them up and over and in doing so you threw up and over all our ways of common sense And business as usual And status quo And “we thought we had to do it this way.” Jesus of the tables, You opened them ensuring there was a space... Continue Reading →

Jesus of The Other

  This prayer was written by a community builder, Agnes C., who nurses our city's most vulnerable, raises some incredible kids, and spends her spare time building and equipping communities of empathy - starting with the kids.   You can find her work at Starling Kids where she lets people know ways to engage their kids... Continue Reading →

Jesus of the Pause

Lent is for paying attention.  And getting quiet.  And being honest about who we are, where we are, how we are and whose we are.  This is a reflection that calls me there. My Life as a Prayer One day I just stopped. I stopped talking, requesting, asking, pleading, demanding, arguing. I stopped talking to... Continue Reading →

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