Prophets, its time. Its always time.

  On spending time with Brueggemann, with Irenaeus, with Isaiah, with every honest woman I know, and my facebook newsfeeds, a month after my momma dies…. Its intense and its good. Not a time to be afraid of.  Clear eyes.  (Full hearts, Can't Lose! .....sorry can't help it.)     Prophets. They call us back.... Continue Reading →

A Really Good Story

So I've been thinking about posting my mom's eulogy on my blog for a couple weeks  now. I can't believe its been three weeks already since the memorial. Because it is a story that means everything to me I want people to read it.  And because it is a story that means everything to me... Continue Reading →

She Who Has Ears To Hear

My mom passed away 19 days ago and I wanted to share my mom's eulogy here.  It's the story of Wendy, the story of her and God.  And it's a good, good story.  And I wanted to share it today. Oh Today, a day of pain and anger, after many days of pain and anger,... Continue Reading →

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