Anna the Old

And now its the next day.  And then the day after that. In previous posts I wrote about how the lead up to Christmas can make it seem like Christmas is the climax, the end of the story of our waiting. And it is.  And it also is not.  If Christmas is the answer it... Continue Reading →


I’ve been thinking about hope all week. What gives us hope? What does it look like in my daily, house-cleaning, school-drop-off, dinner-making-ish, life?   What is hope in my home with my girls, with my husband, or with my parents, my brother, my in-laws?   What does hope look like to my friends--dear, dear women who... Continue Reading →

The Sapling in The Tree

---The following was a reflection I wrote for a friend's research group for her doctoral studies on how the Doctrine of Creation could inform our understanding of suffering and how we walk through suffering.  And because the group met during Advent, and because Advent is one of the best things ever, I thought about that... Continue Reading →

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