That Unexpected Advent

  Advent.  It is a time of hope, of waiting, of anticipation.  It marks the waiting the world has always known. So many words have been said about Advent.  We want to enter it, we want to live it.  We want to savour this time-this lead up to Christmas. Advent is a time where we... Continue Reading →


I can’t sleep again tonight. The wind was rushing and whooshing when we went to bed. I kept thinking there was an animal in the trees, jumping from branch to branch, the way they kept swaying crazily. I think it blew all night.  I woke up…or I could say, my 3 year old woke me... Continue Reading →

The Honorable

-- I suppose it had to happen eventually - I've been at this church for almost 7 years.  I mean, its not like jvs doesn't talk about this in his sleep 😉  But this is a full-on, two-book way of seeing things.  Seeing God in everything - seeing that fingerprint of how he is in... Continue Reading →

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