New Names

You give us new names and we are due for a new name.  The very land needs a new name, our very hearts long for newness.  Birth our new name out of our experience of you. Birth it out of our experience of you we collectively have together.   May it be one that reflects... Continue Reading →

After Nouwen

Yesterday's Lenten reading from Henri Nouwen was particularly poignant and paralleled what I've been thinking about a lot. "But Jesus came to open my ears to another voice that says, "I am your God.  I have moved you with my own hands, and I love what i have made.  I love you with a love... Continue Reading →

The Book Of Love

--Here is a bit more of my BIG PROJECT.  I had earlier published the first bit of this, which I include here as well.  I am constantly asking myself this question lately, so this is some attempt to put my broken, hurting heart into the answer.  To anyone who actually reads this - much love... Continue Reading →

transforming power

  What is your transformation?  Because how YOU answer that, Father, is going to be the difference between our kingdom and YOURS.   Help us to see where assimilation takes the place of transformation and where power to wield takes the place of love to hand over.

Collective Wisdom

Give us wisdom - your wisdom that takes on real shape in our real world.  Your wisdom, your incarnated self, your embodied way of truth.  Your wisdom revealed in the halting words of moms over coffee and cake, hope and trust being extended all around.  Grace us all with your wisdom as we speak what... Continue Reading →

On Ephesians 3

---I'm on an Ephesians kick - honestly, its been years since I've really taken a look at any of the epistles.  But I love the faraway-so-close aspect of this writing.  How the grand and expansive and life-altering business of who and how God is is also found in the minute, the daily, the very ordinary... Continue Reading →

Psalm 33

We need your fullness.  We need your beauty.  We need the hope that comes from knowing You and your habit of love still run through this earth, this city, this church, our homes.  That's all I have today.  Where we are crumpling, brace us.  Where we are blind, open those eyes.  Where we are beyond... Continue Reading →

awake my soul

Wake us up.  In all of our parts, wake us up.  This body being knit together and drawn by grace, (and we hope TO GOD that this can be seen) now needs a jolt--a blast--a rush of wind to wake us up to what we are now to be.  Wake up our leaders--wake up their... Continue Reading →

Open the doors and there are the People

We pray for the building of this community, from the inside out.  We pray for people.  For all the ways people are connected - daughter, sister, wives, mothers, sons, brothers, husbands, fathers.  For friendships across the aisles.  We pray for the peace of you to be what characterizes each of these relationships - that peace... Continue Reading →

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