On Ephesians 3

–I’m on an Ephesians kick – honestly, its been years since I’ve really taken a look at any of the epistles.  But I love the faraway-so-close aspect of this writing.  How the grand and expansive and life-altering business of who and how God is is also found in the minute, the daily, the very ordinary stuff of our real live relating.  For me, I am finding it is only after spending 2 decades almost solely reading the gospels, that any of these letters begin to make sense.  I’m probably just very hard to get through to….  In any case, my eyes are seeing out of eyes changed by love and, even in their deep imperfections, they are seeing the deep human beauty of this part of God’s story, the part where we just keep walking – but hopefully together – and hopefully with him setting us aflame just that little bit before supper


Rooted and established love, this is how you grow your world, grow your people, grow your body.

Root us and establish us, all of us together, in you.  And maybe we will see how high that expanse of sky that inspires us really is  and how deep the depth of water that sustains us really is.   Maybe we will see know mind-boggling way you change us bit by bit, almost imperceptibly but entirely and wholly change us nonetheless.   Root us and establish us in that love, that love that crosses roads to help, pays for strangers to heal, and invites everyone in for a bit of food and maybe a story or two.

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