After the congregational meeting

Thank you for the moon tonight that lit up the snow and the sky and came, blue and clear, like a herald and bell, into my home.    This light that drew me up, made me to look up, to look for its source, to take in its clarity.  It brought me to look around at my yard, the bushes, the plastic yard toys, the trees, and wonder at how different this night light made it all.

Thank you for the stars and their tilting.  In a way that I will never, ever get over, seeing those stars, millions of miles away, thousands of years in the past, makes me feel more seen and more comforted than I ever knew I needed.    I do not feel alone when I see them, though they are farther from me than I can comprehend.  I feel seen when I see them.

Thank you that these things, this moon, those stars, are, at once, for each of us and for all of us.  For they are all of yours, as are we.

Thank you that each of us is seen, is known, is comforted, and heard in the middle of a hot, dingy room with power point slides and budget numbers,  in the middle of the hugeness and the inexpressibility of the dark night.




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