awake my soul

Wake us up.  In all of our parts, wake us up.  This body being knit together and drawn by grace, (and we hope TO GOD that this can be seen) now needs a jolt–a blast–a rush of wind to wake us up to what we are now to be.  Wake up our leaders–wake up their visions, wake up their dreams, don’t let  the boldness, the beauty slip away as we fall back asleep.  Wake up their deep souls to where you are going next, to who you most possibly are.  Wake up their ability to bring people together and point them to you.

Wake up the prophets and their devastating calls from left field that will bring us closer.

Wake up the teachers and their insights and ideas and ways to word things that just make us and our children more.

Wake up the healers, the servers, the ushers, the sound techs, the piano players, the singers, the accountants, the bookkeepers, the meal makers, the people who cut the bagels, the people who hand crying babies cookies.

Wake Us Up and give us our next steps, towards you, through you, to a bit more of what this body could be  and already is.   We need a vision of you to waken our souls, to waken us to what is most true and most real.

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