Open the doors and there are the People

We pray for the building of this community, from the inside out.  We pray for people.  For all the ways people are connected – daughter, sister, wives, mothers, sons, brothers, husbands, fathers.  For friendships across the aisles.  We pray for the peace of you to be what characterizes each of these relationships – that peace that we will not understand.

Thank you for the people.  For the seniors who are up for anything…. for the moms who are trying to laugh while keeping one eye on the kids playing with the elevator buttons….for the grandfathers looking for hope…..for the single ones finding family…..for the teenagers who want to belong and want to stand out.  We pray for the babies being born into this family and for the kids who are being shaped by it.  We pray for the professionals who carry big loads coming here to meet God…..We pray for the unemployed who aren’t sure where to look next.  We pray for the dying and for those left living.  We pray for our needs, small and big, so very big.  You know each of them.  And you bend yourself over each of them, perfectly knowing the place to be in each of us.

You’ve woven a big tent with this collection of weird, needy, short-sighted, hopeful, kind, talented people.  Keep us all, under your wings, close to your heart, close to your action of grace after grace after grace.

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