The Creator Knew; The Creator Always Knows

-Behind Bow Valley Ranch in Fish Creek Park- This was an article I wrote for the Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue's Do Justice Blog (whew that's a mouthful 🙂 ) I wanted to share it now here, as we've just passed Indigenous People's Day and Canada Day here in Canada.  In my circles and... Continue Reading →


On Praising God with our WHOLE selves – body and soul.

--An Excerpt from my sermon on Sunday-- "Theology determine anthropology which determines policy. This sentence means that what we believe to be true about God will determine how we view humans - ourselves and others - and that will determine the ways we choose to live with each other. If we believe God does not... Continue Reading →

Deconstructing Faith – Its Gonna Be Ok

  I read this book at 20 and it changed me.  As you read this quote, you might recognize your own situation.  For L'Engle it was the highly cerebral German theologians who answered everything that left no room for her.  For me (and many in our culture), it was evangelical "just try harder-pull yourself by... Continue Reading →

From Reading Wendell Berry During Sermon Prep.

"The whole creation exists only by participating in the life of God, sharing in His being, breathing His breath.  "The world," Gerard Manley Hopkins said, "is charged with the grandeur of God."  Such thoughts seem strange to us now, and what has estranged us from them is our economy.  The industrial economy could not have... Continue Reading →

While it was still dark

  I woke up at 5:44 am this morning with these words running through my head: “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark…” They are the intro to the resurrection story.   It all starts in the dark. Always, everytime – this is how God does things. Seeds, chrysalis, the womb, the... Continue Reading →

This Dark Day We Call Good

(Christ on the Cross with Two Maries and St. John, El Greco, 1588)   If you missed a Good Friday service or you aren't sure why you would go to one but are interested, here is the story told at The Road Church's Good Friday service.    We played Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings following the... Continue Reading →

Preaching the Psalms

THIS is why I love Walter Brueggemann: "Note that the Psalms thus propose to speak about human experience in an honest, freeing way. This is in contrast to much human speech and conduct which is in fact a cover-up.  In most arenas where people live, we are expected and required to speak the language of... Continue Reading →

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