Jesus of the Hospital Room

–I have many bits of prayers floating around in journals and scrap pieces of paper from time spent in hospital rooms, waiting rooms.  I have now many friends who have to be in these rooms, have to wait in them, have to hear things no one ever wants to hear.   The waiting seems to be the longest.  Waiting to be seen, remembered.

So Jesus, be there too.


Jesus of the Hospital Room
Where we wait,
where we wait,
where we wait.

We wait to be seen,
We wait to be heard,
We wait to be healed.

We hope for this to work.
We are many things in this room but underneath
we are scared – and sad – and mad.

And yet

this is not a place you do not know
this is not a place where you forget
how to
turn around
and turn towards.

Help our eyes to see the turning.



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