Jesus of the Deep Beauty


To see a flower in the Spring, we must
Believe that there is beauty to be had
In gardens we never will control.

And hope that dirt becomes a launching pad
For raising beauty in this violent earth?”

The cynics scoff but have no solutions,
Because they do not know what beauty’s worth.
Despair’s enchanting, but contributions
To healing the heart’s hidden wounds require
A deeper balm than despair can give us.
Consider that beauty can reinspire
The dry bones of life with a delicious
Wonder. Renew your love affair with life
By planting beauty in the midst of strife.

-Allegra Jordan, 2018.

This  poem came from a friend who is a mom, educator, truth-teller and reconciler.

She wrote, “I came across this while searching for words in reconciliation. It reminded me of the beauty God has created and how key it is to keep my eyes and heart tuned to that and how I can gain hope in seemingly hopeless times (oh, the internet news cycles!!) by intentionally being part of looking for, pointing out, and being a small part of planting beauty around me. A concentrated focus and re-centering of my compass and lens for examining the world.”

There is so much that demand a lament we aren’t sure we could ever exhaust – I’m sure you could run the list in your head – but in this lent season maybe some of us are called to plant and tend?

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