Everyday Influence -Mentoring and Story

Specimen From Another Time, Mary Pratt, 2001   OK!!!! It’s the third! Today we will hear from Beth. Beth is a wife, mom, theologian, a professor, a church leader. She is a tenured prof at Ambrose Seminary. Beth and I (and her husband Jon) met as students at Regent College in Vancouver and to my... Continue Reading →


Preaching the Psalms

THIS is why I love Walter Brueggemann: "Note that the Psalms thus propose to speak about human experience in an honest, freeing way. This is in contrast to much human speech and conduct which is in fact a cover-up.  In most arenas where people live, we are expected and required to speak the language of... Continue Reading →

The Book of Love – Part 3

--I just can't stop thinking of the question, "What story do I live out of?"  In all the areas of my life.  In my exhausted parts, in my broken-hearted parts, in my confused parts, in my angry parts, in my terrified parts.   All those parts are a bit closer to the surface lately than... Continue Reading →

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