Dear Revealing Jesus (a prayer for diving into the Enneagram)


With even a teensy glance at the gospels (i.e. Mt 5,6,7), I see consistently that Jesus is zero percent interested in staying on the surface of life and staying in the realm of rule-following, and power wielding and outward shows of fidelity and 100% interested in going to the deep places that we often hide, or are ok with remaining unaware of.  He is 100% interested in hanging out the place of why we do things and what motivates us, the  places where transformation actually happens.  The places where following him will actually take everything we are.

With that in view, some of us at The Road have been looking at The Enneagram (through The Road Back To You by Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile) as a tool to help us name some things about the ways we have coped with life and a tool to help us name paths towards wholeness. Towards ourselves.  Towards each other. Towards God.

And as we are wrapping that study up, here is a little prayer that we started our study off with that fits in well with our lenten prayer series that takes honesty and the real places we find ourselves processing through seriously.



God, You have made us,
wonder-fully, intentionally,
we are not accidents or

And, in truth, we are broken and we have found ways to cope that don’t always help us and sometimes hurt others.

Help us go there.
Help us not to be afraid of the darker, hidden sides.
Because You are already there.

And Your favorite thing to do is to put Your creation back together,
to restore,

Us to ourselves,
Us to each other,
Us to You.

So Holy Spirit, we welcome You into this whole process.
Reveal what we need to see.
Restore our hearts.
And may we rest in You.


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