Jesus of the Stacks

–for students, researchers, learners at the end of a semester –



Jesus of the Stacks
Jesus of all the true things
Jesus of all the words.

We study.
Oh we know so much.

We memorize. But we have forgotten how to question.
In our ease, in our dis-ease, in our need to just

The (right) answer has become our salvation.

And where did you go while we were memorizing?  And answering?

When we forgot to wonder over all the words, hold them to our hearts and then look for you—humble us.

When we have answers that fit our documents rather than bind up lives….
well, speak louder to us please.
We do not always know how to hold it all. All the words in all the stacks.
Because we are small,
with two feet, two eyes, two hands
that can only be in one spot at a time.

But we can walk
These stacks
With you.
And celebrate
all the ways you bind us
back together,

the way you bind

our wounds

with wonder.



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