Conversations on Beauty

Kristy-Anne Swart is a Calgary based photographer and friend.  You can find her work at or on instagram @kristyanneswart  .  Throughout our friendship, we've had amazing conversations about art, faith, motherhood, beauty and so one day we just decided to record our conversation.  Here is a "slightly" polished version of that conversation.  I took... Continue Reading →

Jesus of the Questions That Won’t Go Away

Margaret Ackland, Last Supper, 1993 When I was 19, I realized that I probably would never get answers to some of my questions, at least not in the timing I was demanding.  In some ways, so many of our faith traditions declare the answer is "There" and we are tasked with attaching our lives to... Continue Reading →

Jesus of the Stacks

--for students, researchers, learners at the end of a semester -   Jesus of the Stacks Jesus of all the true things Jesus of all the words. We study. Oh we know so much. We memorize. But we have forgotten how to question. In our ease, in our dis-ease, in our need to just Get... Continue Reading →

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