Jesus of the Tables



Jesus of the tables

You threw them
up and over
and in doing so you threw
up and over
all our ways of common sense
business as usual
status quo
“we thought we had to do it this way.”

Jesus of the tables,

You opened them
ensuring there was
a space for each one.
And in doing so you fed
each one broken bread.
And in so doing you passed a cup
Breaching its brim
with drink stronger
than we knew.
Jesus of the tables,
Then you went under them
taking off your clothes, bared body.
Kneeling amongst all that is close to the ground,
Blessing, anointing, cleansing caring for all that stays on that ground,

that dwells, lives, has to do its work

right there on the ground.

And in so doing, you named
the action and impulse of your kingdom.
Jesus of all the tables–
up, over, opened and under.

Jesus of the tables,  this is a hard word sometimes.

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