For my little family

Be in our eating, our laughing, our cajoling, our pleading.

Be in our frustration, our crying, our words, our hard words.  Redeem those that cannot be unsaid.

Be in our cleaning, scrubbing, wiping, organizing, tidying.  Be in our walls, our books, our pictures.  Be our meaning, our purpose.  Be the beginning of our day and our end.  Be what we are about.

Be in our homes, in our rooms, in my room, with me and my kids and my husband.  We all need Who you are to help us keep reaching to each other, knowing that in within us, within our US-ness, there is is  You, the hope of glory.

We need you to soften the air between us; we need you to help our hearts hear the whispers of each other’s hearts.  Help me hear the words my girl is saying, truly saying underneath it all.  Help me to see the ways my girl shows me you, consistently, truly, without guile.  Help me to know my husband, to hear, see, and understand his heart.

Be in this home, make it your resting place.  Be in this home, make it your launch pad.  Protect our minds, protect our home, protect these pieces of you.  Make us beautiful, together.

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