joy…sounds simple……

This is a prayer for so many communities – my marriage, my family, my church.


Tonight I pray for joy.  Its not going to be carefree.  There will be shadows.  But, in the midst of all the things taking up room, all the fear taking up room, I ask for joy.  Joy to knit us together.  I pray for laughing and for things to strike us really funny.  I pray for something to make us all laugh and smile and bring us together and make us look at the other with a bit of appreciation, a bit of knowing.  I pray for spaciousness so we can see the joy that surrounds the fear, that holds it and gives it its proper perspective.  Is this too much to ask?  Maybe it feels like too much but its what we all need right now.

Joy’s prerequisite is trust.  Trust that we don’t have to be so worried or so in charge of the outcomes.  Trust that we are still seen and always marvelled at.  Everyone of us.  And from that trust grows a big fat joke, the greatest, most joyous joke ever.

Give us a grand joke and help us tell it right.





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