Handling the Holy

For Wendy on the occasion of her 70th birthday. Blessed are those whose touch leaves more life than it takes. Wendy is one of the people in our church who takes care of the details. She is the one who sorts through the candles before the Christmas Eve service, taking out the ones that burned... Continue Reading →

On Praising God with our WHOLE selves – body and soul.

--An Excerpt from my sermon on Sunday-- "Theology determine anthropology which determines policy. This sentence means that what we believe to be true about God will determine how we view humans - ourselves and others - and that will determine the ways we choose to live with each other. If we believe God does not... Continue Reading →

A Visible Reality

  "A truth, a doctrine, or a religion needs no space for itself.  They are disembodied entities. They are heard, learned, and apprehended, and that is all.  But, the incarnate Son of God needs not only ears or hearts, but living people who will follow him.  That is why he called his disciples into a... Continue Reading →

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