Everyday Influence -Listen, Listen, Listen, We Are All Leaders.

Between the Dark and the Daylight, Mary Pratt, 2011   AND HERE WE ARE! Number 6 of 6. We’ve heard from 7 women in total. 7 very different women of different ages, different life experiences, different places of work and calling—and all of them looking at their own life and seeing something very valuable.  ... Continue Reading →

Everyday Influence – The Interconnection of Us All

  Supper Table, Mary Pratt, 1969 In this fourth installment of the Everyday Influence project we will hear from Jodi. Jodi is an activist, entrepreneur, retreat facilitator, incredible question asker.   Her deep insights really centre in questions of community – human community but also ecology – how every alive thing and process is connected.  She... Continue Reading →


Another excerpt from Jean Vanier   "Communities need tensions if they are to grow and deepen.  Tensions come from conflicts within each person--conflicts born out of a refusal of personal and community growth, conflicts between individual egoisms, conflicts arising from a diminishing gratuite (giving freely generously of oneself), from a clash of temperaments, and from individual psychological... Continue Reading →

Leading Community

I came across this poem by Madeleine L'Engle as I was flipping through my bookshelf this week.  I'd never read it before but I needed it.  You could read it from a number of different circumstances and it could speak to you no matter where you are or how life is changing for you, but... Continue Reading →

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