The Story

The following is a short, rough excerpt of a larger project I am working on.  Hope you like it.


What story do we live out of. Because we all do live out of one.   Every one of us plays our part, consciously or unconsciously, in the story that we think best represents the world, best explains the world. Best represents ourself, best explains ourself. And what we believe this story is, will, in every way, effect how we live our lives.   Its safe to say there are competing stories.   And I think its safe to say that there are times when we fully believe ourselves to be living in one story but our actions and attitudes deeply reveal that we are, in fact, deeply buried in another.   The journey we undertake, when we decide on a journey of spirit and of faith is one of relearning and relearning and relearning the story. The Story. And that is not easy. Relearning generally hurts because we have found and attached our deepest identities in these stories.


In the beginning God created. That’s a pretty good start as far as story-starts go, I think. God created the heavens and the earth. The universe and all that is in it. He created that star that died millions of years ago whose light is only just reaching us now. He created that gnat, crawling on your windowsill, looking for its next microscopic meal. He created us, in mysterious and long ways. Seeds germinating unseen underground, creatures evolving tiny bit by tiny bit. He created a fabric of good and beautiful and he wove himself into it and then he used it, his very self, to fashion all sorts of weird and beautiful and curious things.  This is the start of our story.

He fashioned life to be that – life.  Interdependent and glorious; a beautiful theatre that exactly reflected Who He Is. He is love – and love is not abstract. It is exactly prosaic, and ordinary and every day and woven exactly in the in between spaces between living things. This love that made and infuses this universe requires communication, requires bridging that space in between us. It requires continual flow between entities. Ecosystems – seriously – want to know what God is like? Examine ecosystems. We can only live on this earth because of the complex, dynamic, interactive ways this world makes oxygen.

The earth is not the backdrop to us humans and our drama. It is in fact the main character that we comprise a part of. THIS WHOLE CREATION. This is the start of our story.

Because He wanted to start there, pouring out that love which exists within him, that comprises Him, connecting his very self to his very self; Father, Son, Spirit (that’s Good Trinitarian Doctrine, my friends). Because He is good, it was good.


Do we live out of this story?

(to be continued…like any good story, right?)

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  1. You’re wonderful. I love your writing and your thoughts. I love the image of us living a/our story within a/our story and so forth: a transforming self turning and changing sometimes needing a couple of stories to let go of old truths, skin, hair, teeth, houses, hopes, dear reflections. Anyway, I love what you write and how you think. Can’t wait to read more.

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