For Trust and Bravery

We lose our sleep in times like these.  Replaced with circling thoughts – What should we do?  What should we do?  What should we do?

We do not trust that you come through and then again, we only trust that you can make this alright.    We are so afraid of what happens when there is not enough to keep this whole thing afloat.

What does trust look like today, in this body?

Do I know trust is working only when your provision comes through?

Do we trust that the work you’ve given us to do should be kept up?  Do we drop everything and go make money some way because that’s how its done?

So I am asking for trust today, we ask for the faith to trust, we ask for the bravery to keep trust going and do what there is for us to do today.

Brave as lion tamers, in a hurricane, when all the papers are flying away, and the smoke alarm is going off and that little machine once again says, Insuff Fnds.  That kind of bravery, Lord.

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