Prayer after Women’s Group (on Ephesians 2)

For our body, our community’s Body, we pray.  For the health and functioning of each part.  For the care and devotion to each part.  For the attention and listening to each part.  For the ability to see each part as essential to the whole – to see each part as essential to ourselves – to see each part as essential to You.

We are one, because you brought us all together.   The hostile and angry two, entrenched in their certainties, have become the devastatingly whole One, in the only way You seem to know how to do it – through the letting go of your own life and the raising up of all Life.  Every day you do this, we mostly miss it, but you insistently keep doing it.  Help us to not miss it now.

For our body we pray.  For rejoicing and for wonderment and for delight in each part.  As you do everyday; your incomparable riches, the wealth of the universe, expressed exactly in simple kindness, in that kind of delight that draws out our yes.

For our body, we pray.

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