For Easter Day

If you are looking

for a blessing,

do not linger




is only


a hollow,

a husk

where a blessing

used to be.


This blessing

was not content

in its confinement.


It could not abide

its isolation,

the unrelenting silence,

the pressing stench

of death.


So if it is

a blessing

you seek,

open your own



Fill your lungs

with the air

this new

morning brings


and then

release it

with a cry.


Here how the blessing

breaks forth

in your own voice,


how your own lips

form every word

you never dreamed

to say.


See how the blessing

circles back again,

wanting you to

repeat it,

but louder,


how it draws you,

pulls you,

sends you

to proclaim

its only word.






By Jan Richardson



ps….I’m incredibly in love with Jan Richardson’s book of blessings, Circle of Grace.  I want to write every one of them out for everyone to read.



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