Jesus of the Fallen Flat


Eric Gill, The Good Shepherd woodcut, 1927 

This is a prayer sent from Christine Woods, Area Director for YL in Calgary.  It’s from the book Alongside by Drew Hill.   I love the images in it – and I love the naming of spaces we all get to – no judgment, just asking God to be there.

Holy Spirit,

In this very moment, I’m dropping down my defences and giving you unfettered access to my heart and mind.
Make your home right here in me. Welcome to my mess.
I need wisdom. Will you counsel me?

I am distracted. Teach me to be still and listen for God’s voice.

I am hanging my head in shame. Would you gently lift my chin to gaze upon Jesus?

I’ve fallen flat on my face. Let me rest in the faithfulness of Christ.

I’m wallowing in rejection and discouragement. Comfort me like a nursing mother to a hungry child.

I am under attack. Defend me like a shepherd to the wolves.

I am tempted and weak. Fill my empty cup with your perfect power.

I am lonely. Would you come alongside me and make known your presence to me?

I am spiritually hungry. Fill me with the fruits of your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

I surrender to you. Through my broken body, would you make the gospel visible to others?




The image of needing God to be a nursing mother – when we are discouraged-and the vulnerability there is so striking. Of the child needing closeness and the Creator bringing the child as close as possible.    I’ve just read SHE by Karoline Lewis and she talks about a theology of vulnerability (especially in John) and its what I need in this season.

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